Friday Service Announcement: Because Quid Sit? Cares.

And now you know.

One Response to Friday Service Announcement: Because Quid Sit? Cares.

  • Greg says:

    Ah, Peewee! I remember when he got busted in the adult movie house. I presume that this public service announcement is part of the deal he cut for that bust.

    I liked the time that Charlie Sheen was on Saturday Night Live, and they ran a typical PSA where Charlie said, “It got bad… some days I would wake up in bed with somebody I didn’t know… and she wasn’t even a supermoder… just a model.”

    This should be sufficient to warn off the most ardent juvenile delinquent.

    Oh, and Peewee, for all our sakes, please don’t decide that you have a vocation.

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