Isn’t It Time For a Better Kind of Soft Drink?

I have an assignment for you, if you drink Pepsi/Coke and/or Mountain Dew.

If you drink any of these sugar water concoctions, consider trying the Throwback line.

No, I’m not trying to sell you the latest version of Crystal Pepsi. That stuff was terrible, and should remain in permanent retirement.

Pepsi/Mt. Dew Throwback are made as all soft drinks should be made: with cane sugar, rather than HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup). Regular sugar is easier on the body, and it just plain tastes better. Not knowing what I was drinking, I had a Pepsi Throwback earlier this summer, and was severely disappointed when I found out it was only a temporary release.

Officially released on Monday, I’ll be looking for it everywhere over the next eight weeks. If you try and enjoy it, Tweet, Twit, Twiddle, Blog, Wog, or do whatever you can to get the word out there that Throwback is a great product we need available full-time.

The big soda producers will tell you that there’s no discernible difference between HFCS and cane sugar, and they’re likely to back this up with taste-test information.

Either a) they’re lying or b) they hired a bunch of folks with dead taste buds to sit in on the test. The first time I tried MexiCoke (Coca-Cola made in Mexico with cane sugar, since HFCS is of dubious legal standing down there), I immediately noted how much better the product tasted over the American version, even though I didn’t know why.

It sure isn’t the glass bottles.

In the end, HFCS is cheaper for the manufacturer, so that’s why they use it. We discriminating consumers lose out, but O, not for the next eight weeks!

BONUS! If you enjoy Dr. Pepper, you might be interested in the bottler located in Dublin, Texas. They do Dr. Pepper right, with the original formula.

4 Responses to Isn’t It Time For a Better Kind of Soft Drink?

  • Alan Phipps says:

    What? Crystal Pepsi was awesome! Bring it back! But being a diet soda drinker, I prefer Coke Zero.

  • Ellyn says:

    I’ve heard that Coke that is kosher for Passover is also made with cane sugar, and thereby fabulous.
    (The best Coke I’ve had in adulthood was at a cafe in Paris…so maybe the ambiance helped a little.)

  • Greg says:

    Dublin, Texas!

    Josh, I have toured the Dublin Dr Pepper plant.

    Yes, my friends, I have indeed made the pilgrimage to the Vatican of the Dr Pepper bottling company!

    Dublin is a small town largely strung out along a through highway. I’m sure a lot of people speed through without ever stopping.

    Behind the long through highway are a few other streets with houses, and then everything clears out onto farm and ranch land.

    The Dubliners like to brag about the fact that Gene Autry spent his childhood kicking around the local haunts.

    The Dr Pepper plant is on the most significant corner in town. The plant itself is entered through a large anteroom with some ice cream sales and Dr Pepper memorabilia.

    The plant itself is all contained in one large room. (I got to demonstrate a test to determine if the Dr Pepper is the proper color.) The “tour” takes about 5 minutes, as there is very little to see. They let the tourists push the button that starts the Dr Pepper process.

    In the anteroom they have a bunch of old Dr Pepper posters of enormously wholesome and buxom young women, all very attracted to their Dr Pepper.

    These posters are extremely tame by contemporary standards. However, the girls pictured are so much more attractive in their comparative wholesomeness… and of course they’re all drop-dead gorgeous.

    I agree with you, Josh. The sugar cane is definitely a taste enhancer and better than the current product.

    There are still regular orders that pour in to the Dublin plant for their specifically old-fashioned brew.

    I wouldn’t fly across country to visit the plant, but if you happen to be in the neighborhood, give it a shot.

  • JE says:

    Pepsi Dew? Fanta Cola? ever had the banana flavor?

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