Monthly Archives: March 2010

It’s All Coming Together

I managed to slip away long enough this afternoon to see the vestment crafted for my First Mass. The picture doesn’t do it complete justice, as the fabric fails to stand out as well as it should in the limited lighting. Needless to say, the red is perfect for the Feast of Corpus Christi on June 6th.

It’s tough to express the gratitude I feel toward the kindly woman in our diocese who constructed it, dragging her husband around to numerous clerical fabric stores in the greater Chicago area in order to find the perfect shade of white to match the front/back panels. In her search, she ended up communicating with people from the East Coast, who led her to a shop specializing in Greek Orthodox(!) fabrics. Doubly awesome is the knowledge that somewhere in the world, another cleric from the other “Great Lung of Christianity” will be wearing the same print.

It’s more beautiful than I deserve, and the best I can offer this kind woman for her time is to remember her in prayer whenever I don the chasuble to celebrate Mass.

This detail now so wonderfully dealt with, I can scrap my original plan:

Photo Evidence: I Still Live

It’s been a pretty crazy ride these past couple of months. Between school, the parish, and all the things I try to accomplish in between, I’ve been rather scarce in these here parts.

I put on a high Roman collar for the first time in my life a couple of days ago, as we were on formal dress protocol per the good Cardinal’s visit. The above picture was taken for my own amusement, since I wanted photo evidence — mostly for my family — that I don’t always look like a bum.