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The Last Post…

…which was cross-linked elsewhere today, has been taken down after prayerful consideration.

Not because I believe any of it was essentially false, but because it was read by a number of people who apparently misunderstood — for whatever reason — what I was intending to convey. And if what I’ve conveyed misses the mark, bad post.

Ultimately, I think I failed in expressing frustration and sorrow, which was the driving emotion of my post, and I believe people read my tone as if I were spewing them out of my mouth, to borrow a phrase. I also should have done a better job in voicing my legitimate care and concern for individuals who have been wronged by people in the Church over time.

This was not at all my intention in criticizing the article, discussed here. Part of my accepting the call of Our Savior to the priesthood was in the realization that I could bring something positive to the Church by dedicating my life to Her, in a time where the Church is in need of young men and women with a love for the Lord.

Perhaps this is why the topic of people going the other way evokes such a passion within me.

At any rate: mea culpa.

Merry Not-Quite Christmas!

Now get down!

Best all-time YouTube comment on Dylan:

OK kids…everybody sing…..

“whose pulled our leg for 50 years?
BOB’s pulled our leg for 50 years
whose had? one too many beers?
BOB’s had one too many beers!
50 years!
Too many beers!
Must be Santa, Must be Santa, Must be Santa