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Crucial Points to Consider Before Going Into a Cell Tower Leasing Contract

The contract that is involved in renta de terrenos para antenas de telecomunicaciones is the agreement that must be made between the owner of the land where the torre de celular will be placed and the telecom company. With most telecommunication companies, they want nothing more but to expand their reach and services to their clients that is why they are always looking for strategic lands and high rise buildings in both rural and urban cities. If these properties for renta de terrenos para antenas seem to be akin to what you currently have, you can be assured that one of these days, your will be coming into terms with a cell tower lease allowing you to gain some additional income.

If your property is located in a potential torre para antena, it is crucial that you keep yourself well informed about all the rules and regulations that are part of a lease when a telecommunication company might approach you. Before you agree to have your property rented for this purpose with the telecommunication company, you have to look at certain factors. These factors include whether or not the company has possession of being authorized by the carrier, the local government ordinances involved in a property such as security measures, as well as condition of the terrain if it can sustain the purpose of being a renta de terrenos para antenas.

With the land that you have that will be used for renta de terrenos para antenas, you need to have some idea what your rights are during the entire duration of your contract. All of these rights of yours must also be included specifically in the contract that has been made. If you own the land, you will be handing over some of its ownership rights to the operator after you have both signed the contract. If you are going to have your land rented for their torre de celular, not only should you have the idea what your rights are but the rights that you will be passing over to the company as well as the terms that require the operator or company to be getting your consent as the owner.

Another area of concern when you go into a tower leasing contract is having your land evaluated for renta de terrenos para antenas de telecomunicaciones purposes. Again, the cell tower rates will depend on various factors. Sometimes, the rate will differ with what current market value the property has, if the area is urban, suburban, or rural, and what kind of background the building has. In terms of zoning, there are differences in prices based on what position the building that will be used for the renta de terrenos para antenas de telecomunicaciones has.

In the end, when you become part of a renta de terrenos para antenas contract, it pays to be well informed.

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