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Plexus: About Growing and Giving Back

We all know of Plexus as the leading company that caters to your specific nutrition, health and all other personal needs. But what you don’t know about this company is what it does behind the remarkable business image?

Fund raising programs and auction sales are just among the many efforts spearheaded by Plexus in order to support organizations advocating for the underprivileged sectors in the community. For various years, the company works in partnership with multiple organizations that also help fight hunger and malnutrition in the best ways possible. According to Christopher Pair, President of Operations and International at Plexus Worldwide and Plexus Charities board member, they are supporting this movement because it is one of the greatest crises of the country these days. Pair is among those who headed the car auction where the proceeds are sent to their partner organizations.

malnutrition and hunger is a common problem most especially in far-flung societies, and they would like to help solve this problem in their little ways. With that in mind, it is safe to say that Plexus does not only promote and encourage proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle among their clients but also to the less privileged sectors in the society.

Tarl Robinson, CEO and Founder of Plexus Worldwide also believe that this movement of Plexus is one way to promote productivity among all people. He said that no one can ever really thrive on an empty stomach so, in order to build a better community, we need organizations willing to promote proper nourishment and nutrition among all people. Because of that, most of the organizations supported by Plexus are those that advocates for the same purpose.

The auction sale is just one of the many programs provided by Plexus to help fund organizations that are serving less privileged children and families in small communities because there are also programs such as the Nourish One Initiative started by no other than the heads of the company themselves. With this program, the company gives a portion of their sales from specific Plexus product selections to organizations giving their customers a chance to support their campaign as well. If you have bought specific Plexus selections that are meant to support this program, chances are you have already fed at least a child or two!

With their continuous support to organizations that advocate against world hunger and malnutrition, the company also proliferates. Surprising as it may sound, giving back to the less fortunate might just be the lucky charm for Plexus. With years of service, Plexus has already financed millions of meals to the less privileged children and even families across the country.
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