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Benefits of 3D Mammography

The field of medicine has been improved by technology in the departments of detections, screening, and treatment of cancer. Studies show that early detection of cancer increases the chances of treating it to full recovery to many patients. Breast cancer is one of the common forms of cancer affecting many women. Breast screening technology has been advancing steadily over the years with 3D mammograms being the latest medically certified and sure method used for cancer screening. Thanks to these advancements in the medical field, many women have been able to fight breast cancer at an early age hence living longer lives happily. 3D mammography creates three-dimensional images when screening the breast. Since the three-dimensional images Can be manipulated and observed in all angles, the radiologists can easily detect cancer cells. This enables the tests to detect the most form of cancers for women at an early stage. 3D mammograms have many benefits including the ones discussed below.

Compared to traditional methods of breast cancer screening which only take two views of the breast, 3D mammography creates detailed images which improves breast cancer detection. 3D mammography has been proven to increase the detection of invasive forms of cancers that were difficult before. Thus is the reason why there are many cancer-free patients since the early detection of cancer has increased the number of successful treatment of cancer patients. Patients who are screened using the traditional methods keep going back for additional screening since these methods do not fully detect the cancer cells. Since the invasive cancers were increasing secretly, the 3D mammography highly reduced the number of callbacks for additional screening. The callbacks were terrifying to patients since they could keep thinking that they actually have breast cancer. This anxiety is avoided by the 3D mammography since the patients only take one screening test.

It was difficult for women with heterogeneously large breasts to do cancer screening with traditional methods hence the 3D mammography have become beneficial since they can still detect any cancer despite the size of breasts.Women with dense breasts are the ones at a higher risk of getting breasts cancer. Despite the dense breasts, the 3D mammography us able to tell a mass of growing tumor from the breasts tissue, hence cancer can be detected. Screening of cancer can be difficult but breasts imaging and screening has made the radiologists conduct breast screening safely. With 3D mammography, patients are not exposed to radiation so much like in traditional screening methods. It is also a less invasive treatment method since cancer will be detected early thus better and higher survival rates.

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