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Catering Services For Hire

Weddings are some of the most famous celebrations that bring people together to celebrate the couple and union of families. When organizing a wedding choosing the right caterer for your event is one of the most important decisions to make. A wedding caterer should be able to cater for your event within different locations. A wedding catering company should be aware of where the function is to be held to enable them to do proper planning. Depending on the number of people expected in a wedding or the location of the wedding catering companies may have reservations A catering company should be flexible enough to cater for the needs of the wedding planner.

What Does The Catering Company Offer

For efficiency and effective services a catering company should be present in the venue. Travelling costs can be added to the total catering costs if the catering company will be required to travel to get to the venue. Confirmation of the ability to travel to at the specified location by the catering company is important.

Understand the policy of the wedding venue

Hiring a caterer can be ideal but there are some facilities that do not allow caterers from different companies to cater for events. In such cases it is important that the wedding planners understand such terms, and also know whether the services offered are good enough.

What Is The Catering Package Offered

Different wedding catering service providers have different types of catering plans and also variety of food. It is important for wedding planners to cross check the food that will be served in the wedding. Confirming the cuisine options should also be sampled before the main function so that they can confirm if it has suited the requirement. A wedding planner should be able to ask whether the final catering budget is inclusive of both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Some catering companies do not offer alcoholic drinks in their catering options according to their policies. A wedding planner should take note that some catering companies have a policy against the supply of alcoholic drinks. It is good to also be sure on how the drinks will be served and charged.

A wedding caterer should not be rigid

Hiring a wedding caterer that can adjust the menu to fit the desire of the wedding planner is something to look out for. Some couples prefer that the menu to be vegan while others have no limitation. Since diet is personal to people, catering companies may be required to make special diets menus. If the catering company is not providing the cake, it should recommend the wedding planner to a suitable baker. A wedding planner should confirm with the wedding caterer that they will be using their services on the said date earlier on to avoid any inconveniences. Confirmation of payment terms by the wedding caterer should be an important item on the wedding planning checklist to avoid any inconveniences.

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